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Brandt LeadHand

Indulge your inner control freak.

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With Brandt LeadHandTM
  • EZSwing control - operate your swing mover for fast and easy placement when unloading trucks.
  • Electric Winch control - quickly transition to transport position when switching bins.
  • Work Light control - turn your work light on and off.
  • Alerts & Notifications - receive mobile alerts (e.g. ‘bin full’ alarms) highlighting your auger’s status.
  • Manage multiple augers or conveyors from a single device.

Requirements: Brandt Swing Auger or Harvest GrainBelt equipped with a 2018 model-year or later electric EZSwing, as well as electrically controlled EZReach extendable hoppers.

Download LeadHandTM today and take control… and never let it go!

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Download the Brandt LeadHand User Guide