Mobile Impact Crushers

Productivity in Full Flow.

Keep your operation — and your material — moving with Kleemann mobile impact crushers from Brandt. These crushers are engineered with a special inlet geometry that allows them to optimally draw material, guaranteeing high flow rates. As material moves through these systems, components are wider in the material flow direction to maximize capacity. And, the C-shape rotor ledges make a strong impact to ensure high crushing rates and an end product that meets the high standards for concrete and asphalt aggregates.

Best of all, these machines are backed by Brandt; the best-trained and most committed 24/7 after-sales support team in the business. That’s Powerful Value. Delivered.
MOBIREX Feed Capacity Drive Concept Crusher Inlet (WxD)
MR 110 Zi EVO2 386 t/h Diesel-direct-electric drive 44 in. x 24 in.
MR 130 Zi EVO2 496 t/h Diesel-direct-electric drive 52in. x 36in.