All Your Manufacturing Needs, One Phone Call.

With decades of experience and some of the best-equipped facilities in Canada, Brandt OEM Services is able to control all phases of production. This allows us to deliver accurate scheduling, unmatched quality control, while keeping your costs as low as possible. The result for you? A better product, produced more efficiently.


No Outsourcing

We complete every step of your manufacturing in-house, providing superior quality control and allowing us to ensure that every part meets your rigorous standards.

Precision Planning

Our forecast-based contractual pricing program allows for price certainty, so you can plan and budget with absolute confidence.

Seamless Integration

Our broad set of capabilities allows us to provide exactly what you need while integrating seamlessly into your operation at any point in production.

Any Project, Large or Small

Our unique ability to meet all your manufacturing needs under one roof, streamlining management and giving you a distinct advantage over competitors.


Our Process

Brandt delivers a full range of services, making it easy for you complete your projects. All you have to do is provide the basic specs and we can take it from there.

1 You provide

  • Customer RFQ
  • PDF, DXF, Step, SolidModel
  • BOM/required quantities
  • Excel format preferred
  • Packaging information
  • Specified materials
  • Forecast/delivery schedule
  • Ship-to-location
  • Purchase order

2 What we do

  • Create work orders
  • Nest/program parts
  • Confirm material stock
  • Plan/Schedule capacity
  • Process parts
  • Check quality

3 What you get

  • On-time / In-full delivery (100% OTIF)
  • 100% quality compliance
  • Packaged and shipped the way you need
  • Optimized pricing
  • Dedicated program management

Our Capabilities


Structural Steel Processing

Brandt’s structural steel processing equipment incorporates the latest 3D profiling technology allows us to make any cut with absolute precision. For greater efficiency, our robotic plasma cutting system is designed for continuous production runs. This ensures uniform results across large batches of components, helping us cut more metal, more accurately, in less time.

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Plate Processing

With laser, plasma, and water-jet cutting under one roof, Brandt is uniquely equipped to deliver the competitive edge you need without compromise. And, our impressive line-up of press brakes to gives us capability to form simple and complex components with ease.

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Machining Processes

Our machine shop is outfitted to handle heavy and light machine work for superior quality and productivity. Our cranes deliver lifting capacities up to 60 tons with a 30’ under-hook, providing the muscle to handle heavy components with ease. And, we have high-capacity equipment, including vertical machining up to 19’ in diameter and horizontal boring up to 46’ high and 16’ long.

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Support Processing

Our stress-relieving furnace heats and gradually cools welded, machined, or heated components to eliminate internal stresses and maximize durability for a longer-lasting, better-looking end product. And, to extend the life of components even further, Brandt’s protective paint system provides a premium powder-coat finish that stands up whatever you can dish out.

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Inventory Management Solutions

To maximize efficiency, we cut surplus components and store them in house, absorbing the risk for the customer. This approach allows us to reduce turn-around times on your next order as well as keep overall costs low. We also offer custom kitting and packaging solutions to help streamline assembly on your end.

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Our broad set of capabilities allows us to provide exactly what you need while integrating seamlessly into your operation at any point in production.

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