Downtime means lost profits. At Brandt Tractor, we pride ourselves on keeping that downtime to a minimum.

Nobody is more dedicated, more capable, or more invested in keeping your equipment operating at maximum productivity than Brandt. The investments we make in our people, our facilities, our inventory, and our own fleet means more uptime for us, which really means more uptime for you. That's Powerful Value, Delivered.

Absolute Support
In this business, there’s no time for downtime, so Brandt’s got your back with Canada’s largest network of full-service dealerships and the best 24/7 after-sales support in the industry. We are always nearby with a complete range of premium equipment, parts and service techs to back you up and keep you working.

Productive Technologies
Time is always short and productivity is everything, so Brandt helps you get more done faster with state-of-the-art tools like JDLinkTM, FleetWiseTM, and ProActive Maintenance. You’ll maximize productivity, quickly transition between shifts, track and manage machine maintenance and usage and much more, all more easily than you’ve ever dreamed possible.   

No-Risk Warranties
You’re in a high-risk business, but we deliver industry-leading OEM warranty programs – fully supported by Brandt – to help you take the pressure off. And, Brandt offers effective cost-protection strategies to help you to successfully manage operating cost variability and maximize profitability. 

Custom Products
Combine decades of hands-on industry experience with unmatched design and manufacturing capacity and you get the toughest, most dependable custom equipment attachments on the market. Brandt knows what you need to succeed, so we build and support the unique specialized buckets, couplers, blades, guarding and more that help you win out there in the real world, every single day. 

Flexible Financing
At Brandt Finance we’ll meet you where you’re at. Literally. We’ll spend time with you on your turf and invest our best thinking into your business challenges. Brandt provides a full-range of flexible in-house new and used asset financing options tailored to your unique needs at 56 locations across Canada so you can stand tall with financing that works, every single day.