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Safety First

Brandt Agricultural Products manufactures and sells products equipped with a full range of safety features designed to address risks to both equipment operators as well as their equipment. These include familiar safety components (i.e. guards and shields), safety and warning decals as well as Operation Manuals which, taken together, help ensure many seasons of accident-free use under normal operating conditions. Reference to Brandt safety resources and the proper maintenance and use of the equipment, including safety features, is critical for the safe operation of the equipment.

The Operator Manuals which accompany Brandt products provide clear instruction for safe product usage and must be followed for all product operations.*  

To ensure safe operation of your Brandt product:
  • ​Ensure that all equipment operators have read and understood applicable Operator’s Manual(s) and have appropriate training prior to using any equipment.Adhere to all safety signs, Operator Manual guidelines and any product announcements or bulletins regarding your product.
  • Maintain all signs and safety decals in excellent condition.
  • Always replace missing equipment and/or safety decals immediately. 
  • If your Intake Shield or any Safety decals have been removed, misplaced or damaged, we will replace them FREE OF CHARGE. If your Operator manual is no longer present, we will replace it with an electronic copy. Contact us directly by calling 1-866-427-2638. Please have your serial number when you call.
  • Other replacement guards, shields and other decals for Brandt products can be ordered through your Brandt Authorized Dealer. 
Your Brandt product has been carefully engineered for safe operation. Any unapproved alterations may endanger the function and/or safety of the unit, the operator or other persons or property located nearby. Regular maintenance of all mechanical and electrical components will ensure maximum safety and productivity.  If you believe your Brandt product is in need of replacement safety components, parts, decals or, if you require further safety related information, please feel free to contact Brandt product support at 1-866-427-2638​.!

*Note:  While some grain handling products may be shown on our website and other marketing materials with safety shields or guards removed for illustrative clarity, safety equipment should NEVER be modified or removed for actual operation.​