Customer Support

Brandt stands behind its products.

We provide a wealth of resources to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency for years to come.
Our Customer Support Centre reduces troubleshooting time for repeat problems and gets your equipment back to work quickly and efficiently.
Brandt offers 24/7 live operator parts coverage, with fully trained parts staff for immediate ordering. We are committed to offering the best over-the-counter parts availability in the industry.
Brandt is committed to trained technical specialists ready to assist you when you need us, and full after hours support to ensure that when you're working, we're working.

To contact a Brandt Representative for Parts & Service inquiries, please call one of the following numbers:

Brandt Agricultural Products: 1-866-4-Brandt (1-866-427-2638)
Brandt Engineered Products: 1-877-512-9393
Brandt Equipment Solutions: 1-877-533-3133
Brandt Positioning Technology: 1-855-832-2783
Brandt Road Rail: 1-877-333-8651
Brandt Tractor: 1-888-2-Brandt (1-888-227-2638)