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Proactive Protection for Maximum Productivity.

John Deere Protect™ is a limited-time offer for Brandt customers, powered by our ProActive™ Maintenance program. With Protect™, when you purchase a piece of John Deere construction equipment with extended warranty, you minimize downtime, eliminate the hassle of planning your own maintenance, and maximize equipment resale value to make the most of every stage of ownership.

What are the benefits of John Deere Protect™?

FleetWise™ Subscription

  • JDLink™ access and complimentary subscription.
  • ProActive™ Maintenance tracking and notifications.
  • Diagnostic trouble code triage and analysis.

Discount on ProActive™ Maintenance Agreement

  • Save up to 25% on parts, fluids, and labour.
  • Pre-paid contract allows you to finance maintenance with your machine.
  • By-the-hour contract allows you to only pay when the machine is working.

A Healthier Machine

  • Preventative maintenance and immediate repairs deliver more uptime.
  • Maximum returns on re-sale of the equipment.
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