Brandt Heavy Harrows

Heavy Harrows

Perfect Under Pressure.

Brandt delivers a complete lineup of heavy harrows, giving you the ideal solution to ensure smooth, worry-free seeding in any conditions or terrain.

Our five- and seven-bar torsion harrows are purpose-built for maximum reliability. Their dual-torsional spring bar system is designed with fewer moving parts, providing a simple and effective down-pressure mechanism that maximizes performance and uptime. This rugged design means these workhorses are perfectly suited to take on a wide range of applications. And, you can upgrade to highly-durable carbide-tip tines to ensure maximum durability, even in the toughest conditions.

For more challenging terrain, our Contour Commander heavy harrows are your ideal solution. They utilize a unique parallel linkage system to give each harrow section a 24” range of vertical motion, providing uniform down-pressure in rolling, uneven fields. In fact, these harrows can handle high ground and depression at the same time while maintaining equal pressure across all tines. See our Contour Commander heavy harrows in action!
Contour Commander Field Width Section Width Weight
5000 50 ft 5 @ 10 ft 10555 lb
7000 70 ft 7 @ 10 ft 13393 lb
8200 82 ft 7 @ 10 ft & 2 @ 6 ft 19870 lb
Torsion Harrows Field Width Section Width Weight
550A 50 ft 5 x 10' 10300 lb
570A 70 ft 7 x 10' 12900 lb
582A 82 ft 7 x 10' + 2 x 6' 14200 lb
750A 50 ft 5 x 10' 11500 lb
770A 70 ft 7 x 10' 14200 lb
782A 82 ft 7 x 10' + 2 x 6' 16300 lb