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Topcon's excavation systems work hand-in-hand with advanced site and project management solutions to provide unparalleled productivity. By giving operators on-board information, including an overview of the entire site, they’re able to execute tasks with superior accuracy and greater efficiency. Additionally, the Topcon system is the only model on the market that can be fully upgraded from a 2D system to 3D, to Auto, allowing you to seamlessly scale up your technology as your business grows.
3D Excavator Systems Description
X-53 Flexible site-wide 3D control
X-53i Large-screen 3D GPS control
X-53i LPS 3D Control for Excavators
X-53x Full automatic capable control system for excavators
X-63 Flexible site-wide 3D control
X-63i Large-screen 3D GPS control
2D Excavator Systems Description
X-52 Fully upgradeable 2D elevation control
X-52x Future upgradable 2D elevation control for excavators
X-62 Fully upgradeable 2D elevation control
Haul Truck Systems Description
HT-30 Complete haul and site overview
3D Wheel Loader Systems Description
W-63 Site-wide 3D GPS solution
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