Topcon Total Stations

Total Stations

Patented, best-in-class robotic prism tracking technology from Topcon rejects false positives and remains locked onto the prism so you can focus on the job at hand. And our unique Hybrid Technology delivers the ultimate in non-stop productivity by combining GNSS positioning to quickly regain lock, and maintain profit.
Robotic Description
PS Series Fully robotic optical system
LN-100 3D layout system
IS-3 Imaging robotic total station
GT Series Robotic Total Station
DS Series Auto-pointing total station
MS Series Ultra-high precision robotic
IS-310 Imaging capability for BIM professionals
Hybrid Positioning Combines GNSS positiioning and optical robotic measurements
Standard Description
ES Series Reflectorless total station
GPT-3500 Longest reflectorless range total station
GTS-250 Series Fully outfitted reflectorless total station
OS Series Reflectorless total station with on-board software