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Customized Finishing Floor Solutions for Any Application

For decades, Brandt Engineered Products has been supplying the tube & pipe industry with the best finishing floor solutions available, and quality of service that no manufacturer can match.

Our multidisciplinary team of engineers have the expertise and experience to craft unique machines that are purpose-built to suit the needs of your facility. Whether you are seeking a solution for your handling, testing, or processing area, our experts will work alongside you to create equipment that solves the issue you are facing. For Tube & Pipe industry equipment and custom machinery, no one supports you more effectively than Brandt.

Why choose Brandt Engineered Products?

  1. Comprehensive Support - Our team works with you from the initial design concept through the final installation to ensure you get the equipment and service you deserve every step of the way.
  2. Built-for-purpose Solutions - Brandt offers truly customized solutions to the tube & pipe industry, designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of finishing floors.
  3. Worldwide Experience - Our global presence provides insight to our engineers, allowing them to draw inspiration from techniques seen in various markets, to provide you with the best solution possible.

Explore Our Capabilities

Below are some examples of the custom-built finishing floor solutions that the Brandt Engineered Products team can create for you.

The Brandt Value Cycle

Success does not come easily; it is the outcome of careful planning and hard work. Having the right equipment ready and waiting when you need it is a key element of your success, and Brandt’s complete life-cycle approach is the foundation for delivering consistent results for our customers.

Whether you need a quick-turnaround repair or a custom machine for a specialized application, we can help. Brandt delivers the service you need when it matters most. That’s why successful businesses around the world look to Brandt Engineered Products: We Build Confidence.

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