Brandt Heavy Haul Trailers

Heavy Haul Trailers

Hard to Beat. Easy to Own.

Brandt’s all-new Work Ready heavy haul trailers are purpose-built to be easier to own, easier to operate, and safer than any other trailer on the road. They achieve this with innovative features, like our patent-pending booster stability system. This unique system locks the booster axle when backing up or travelling over 60km/h for safer, easier handling. And, Brandt trailers are built to outlast the competition. These durable designs incorporate premium-quality components and the industry’s toughest powder-coat finish, so you can count on them to pull through the toughest conditions and come back for more. In fact, we confidently back them with an industry-leading 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on all components.

You can always rely on tough Work Ready Brandt trailers to deliver superior performance, because nobody works harder than Brandt to keep you productive and profitable. That’s Powerful Value, Delivered.
On Highway Transporters Tare Payload Dimensions
H650 Square Tail 45,750 lb 65 tons 8'6" x 26' / 10' x 26'
On / Off Highway Transporters Tare Payload Dimensions
H550 Beavertail 27,000 lb 55 tons 10 x 23.5
Scissorneck Trailers (Fixed Roll) Tare Payload Dimensions
S400-Fixed 26,315 lb 40 tons 9 x 41
S500-Fixed 28,880 lb 50 tons 9 x 41
Scissorneck Trailers (Flip Roll) Tare Payload Dimensions
S400-Flip 27,245 lb 40 tons 10 x 42
S500-Flip 29,200 lb 50 tons 10 x 42