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Access to the Brandtnet network is via the internet to a rover GPS receiver through a digital modem or cell phone. The GPS receiver can access Brandt Positioning Technology’s multi-frequency, multi-constellation correction service that is designed to work with the latest generation of GNSS receivers as well as older GPS-only equipment.

Access to the Brandtnet Network has many benefits, most importantly: ease of operation, reduced equipment costs and reduced operating costs. Brandtnet users have no need to set up a costly base station: requiring only a Brandtnet Network Subscription, rover data collector and Web-enabled receiver, users simply activate their receiver, connect to the Brandtnet Network and start receiving GPS corrections immediately.

Benefits of the Brandtnet RTK GNSS Network

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New Brandtnet Reference Station Locations

April 25, 2018

Brandtnet is pleased to announce two new reference station locations based in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Read More

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