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Sleipner Tracked Equipment Transporter

Tracked Equipment Transporter

Sleipner Transport System

Mining operations depend on speed and uptime – two things you can get much more of with Sleipner’s DB-Series transport systems, purpose-built for moving drill and dozer fleets. While tracks are great for ground contact and load transfer, wheels can get those machines where they need to go faster.  

Sleipner’s DB-Series transport solutions will significantly improve on-site mobility for tracked equipment, increasing your drill and dozer fleet productivity by 12%–20%.  

By keeping your drill and dozer fleet off the ground, Sleipner’s DB-Series transport systems also save you money and time on maintenance. Get up to a 15% reduction in maintenance costs and 20% reduction in maintenance labor hours, while cutting your undercarriage maintenance expenses in half.  

Tracked Equipment Transporter Description
DB80 Weight Class - 52 tonnes
Max Allowed Payload - 80 tonnes
Towing Vehicle - 40 tonnes plus ADT 
DB130 Weight Class - 63 tonnes
Max Allowed Payload - 130 tonnes
Towing Vehicle - 45 tonnes plus ADT
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