Hamm Compactors


Work Flat Out.

Brandt delivers the full lineup of Hamm compactors, making it easy for you to produce perfectly smooth surfaces with unrivalled productivity. These machines use a three-point articulated swivel joint and a very short wheelbase to enable precise handling when compacting. And, their large water and diesel tanks allow you to work longer without interruption, achieving more high-quality compaction in less time. For maximum performance, the oscillating drums keep the two drum halves vibrating synchronously, ensuring consistency — even on challenging curves and roundabouts.

Best of all, these machines are backed by Brandt; the best-trained and most committed 24/7 after-sales support team in the business. That’s Powerful Value. Delivered.
H Series Working Width Centrifugal Force Operating Weight
H 10i 84 in 30600 - 55350 lb 23990 lb