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Benefits of the Brandtnet RTK GNSS Network

1) Network RTK Solution with Virtual Reference Point Corrections (currently available in five areas of Canada - Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Edmonton, and Greater Vancouver District)
  • As you turn on your device the server sees your position and c​alculates a virtual position eliminating PPM error over distance. This “Virtual Reference Correction” moves as you move. With a single base solution, accuracy can vary as you move away from the base station. With Virtual Reference Point Corrections this factor is reduced.

2) Upgraded Hardware
  • Reference station receivers are capable of greater accuracy.
  • Equipped with built in battery backup ensuring data logging even if the power goes out.

3) Topcon Paradigm G3 Chip Technology
  • Provides universal signal tracking.
  • With GPS, L2C and L5 capabilities as well as GLONASS and Galileo capable signals, the NET-G3A provides the best and most reliable reference station solution.

4) Real-time and Post-Processed Data Services
  • Reduced hardware costs – 50% savings over conventional RTK (requires only one rover receiver)
  • Efficiency of deployment
  • Productivity improvements
  • Ease of Use

5) All-in-one Online Subscription Service
  • Easy, online purchasing site
  • Available 24/7
  • Only Network provider to supply DATA cards
  • Subscription term options to match your work or seasonal needs.

6) Brandtnet Proprietary DATA Card
  • Tested compatible with Brandtnet RTK network.
  • Available directly from Brandt and can be ordered online with subscription packages.

7) New & Improved Server
  • Delivers increased security and reliability. NTRIP access provides improved visibility for troubleshooting, monitoring and network integrity.

8) Network Growth
  • Larger network with over 134 reference stations across Canada and growing

9) Specialized Customer Support & Training
  • Brandt Positioning Technology’s Engineered Services group is dedicated to keeping our customers productive and profitable
  • All Engineered Services Support Staff are fully trained in the technology Brandt Positioning Technology's Sales team sells to end users. 
  • Providing specialized customer support and training for all products.

New Brandtnet Reference Station Locations

April 25, 2018

Brandtnet is pleased to announce two new reference station locations based in New Brunswick and Newfoundland. Read More

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