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Chip Bucket

Wheel Loader Attachment

Brandt Chip Buckets are extremely large, high capacity buckets designed to maximize loader capacity when handling lightweight material like wood chips.
Chip Bucket Weight Dimensions (LxWxH) Capacity
444K x x 5 cu yd
524K x x 6 cu yd
544K x x 6.5 cu yd
624K x x 7.5 cu yd
644K x x 10 cu yd
724K 6605 lb 79 in x 150 in x 79 in 11 cu yd
744K 7545 lb 96 in x 124 in x 90 in 12 cu yd
824K x x 14 cu yd
844K 14155 lb 120 in x 150 in x 114 in 24 cu yd
944K x x 36 cu yd
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