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Brandt Roll Out Bucket

Roll Out Bucket

Wheel Loader Attachment

The Brandt Roll Out Bucket provides outstanding reach and extra dump height by hydraulically rotating the basket easily from the cab of the loader when already at the max reach of the loader arms. Primarily used in stockpiling or loading applications, these buckets save you from building ramps or even purchasing a larger loader to provide that extra height where it’s needed most.
Roll Out Bucket Weight Dimensions (LxWxH) Capacity
524K 4117 lb 55 in x 108 in x 55 in 3.25 cu yd
724K 5799 lb 75 in x 120 in x 60 in 5 cu yd
544L 4259 lb 52.5 in x 106.5 in x 53.5 in 4 cu yd
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