Comprehensive Steel Solutions for Every Application

Brandt Engineered Products is your #1 source for complete steel industry solutions. Our multidisciplinary team of experts has the skills to do it all – from development of scope and design through final testing – to give you a product that you can count on. For added reassurance, Brandt administers a strict set of quality control standards to ensure that no product leaves the plant until it is done right. With decades of experience producing reliable equipment, you can trust Brandt to deliver any custom steel solution you need.



Design: With an engineering team of over 100 members in our Regina location and decades in the industry, Brandt has the skills and expertise to help you find the right solution for your needs. Our team works collaboratively to share knowledge across departments and draw from various industries to find creative answers to the problems our customers face. The result is better solutions, designed to make your life easier and provide superior performance in the field

Manufacturing: Our two manufacturing facilities in Canada, supported by our facility in the US, provide a full suite of world-class fabrication, machining, assembly, and automation technology. We deliver premium manufactured products that you can rely on to meet your needs consistently, no matter what product you choose.

Installation:For ease of installation, no one serves you better than Brandt. Our extensive team of experts have worked around the globe, and have a long track record of providing quick, safe, and efficient product installations no matter where you are located.


Our Process

1 Commissioning

To streamline your project, our PMP-certified project management team will work alongside you to ensure it is the most efficient and cost effective approach possible to the commissioning and hand-over phases. This team is available to assist with ongoing communication throughout your project to keep the scope, schedule, and budget targets on track.

2 Customer Support

Brandt’s Customer Support Center is open 24/7 to provide you with prompt service and support. Whether you need a replacement part from our comprehensive parts inventory, or troubleshooting assistance, our team of customer support professionals are here to help any time you need it.

3 Repair and Refurbishment

Maximizing uptime is always the goal, and you need a team you can rely on for quick, professional repairs. Our full-service team of repair and refurbishment professionals are ready to get your equipment back on track as fast as possible any day, and any time.


Our Solutions


Scrap Processor and Steel Mill Solutions

Brandt has extensive experience in repairing and upgrading scrap processors and steel mills, making us the go-to resource for solutions in the steel industry.

Breakdowns happen at the worst times and you can’t afford to wait days for support. That is why Brandt employs a team of trained service technicians that is ready and waiting to respond to your emergency repair requests in a timely manner.

Completing regular maintenance is a time-consuming task and the Brandt team is here to help support your ongoing operations by performing maintenance during scheduled outages.

Often, out-of-the-box equipment isn’t the right fit for your needs and that is where Brandt can help design a custom steel solution to fit the needs of your operation, or modify an existing piece of equipment to improve performance

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Tube & Pipe Industry Solutions

For decades, Brandt has been supplying the tube & pipe industry with custom equipment and turn-key finishing-floor solutions to help improve efficiency, and drive the success of tube & pipe production facilities.

Brandt delivers an extensive lineup of custom machinery, purpose-built to address the unique handling, testing, and processing needs of the industry.

Our team of engineers has designed countless custom solutions specifically for the tube & pipe industry, and are ready and waiting to assist you in creating unique equipment that will suit your exact specifications

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The Brandt Value Cycle

Success does not come easily; it is the outcome of careful planning and hard work. Having the right equipment ready and waiting when you need it is a key element of your success, and Brandt’s complete life-cycle approach is the foundation for delivering consistent results for our customers.

Whether you need a quick-turnaround repair, or custom equipment for a specialized application, we can help. Brandt is here to delivers the service you need when it matters most. That’s why successful businesses around the world look to Brandt Engineered Products: We Build Confidence.


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Our broad set of capabilities allows us to provide exactly what you need while integrating seamlessly into your operation at any point in production.

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