Topcon Paving Machine Control

Paving Machine Control

Whether you use sonic control in 2D, or Millimeter GPS in 3D, Topcon invented them both and continues to lead with solutions that allow you to configure your paver for each job, and always get that famous Topcon accuracy.
Milling Description
3D-MC Milling Precise 3D profiling
2D Milling Control Sonic profiling control
RD-M1 Vehicle-mounted road resurfacing scanner
RD-MC 3D resurfacing solution for paving and milling
Asphalt Paving Description
3D-MC Asphalt 3D asphalt paving control
C-53 Compaction and tracking system
P-32 2D Paving System Precise screed control
RD-M1 Vehicle Mounted Road Resurfacing Scanner
RD-MC Machine Control 3D Resurfacing Solution for Paving and Milling
Concrete Paving Description
3D-MC Concrete 3D concrete paving control
Concrete Paving Description
C-63 Complete compaction system