JDLink Machine Monitoring System



JDLink™ allows you to actively monitor your fleet, receive status reports, track long term machine data trends, proactively track maintenance intervals, and more. In an effort to safeguard the security of customers’ machine data, JDlink™ has added new terms and conditions. However, if these terms and conditions are not accepted by August 2020, it could result in the permanent deactivation of your JDLink™ account. Update your JDLink™ account here [Link] to ensure this service remains available to you.


How to Update Your JDLink Account

EASY AS 1-2-3.

Not online? Activate JDLink today and start enjoying its benefits: 
  1. Log on to
  2. Enter the Username and Password you received, and accept the user agreement.
  3. Email or call 1-855-4JDLINK(1-855-453-5465) to have your machine added to your account and complete your activation.


John Deere has added valuable new functions to the JDLinkTM Dashboard. They deliver best ever productivity for your fleet with more valuable machine insights than ever in a fast, reliable, easy-to-use format. You get:
  1. Machine Analyzer - Edit pre-set views in Machine Analyzer to view and compare specific data points
  2. Notification Centre - Email alerts feature a clickable map to locate and check you machines for alert updates
  3. Ultimate Data – View multiple machine data points for easy identification of trends
  4. JDLinkTM Mobile – New Dark Mode color scheme can be turned on from the app User Settings menu
  5. JDLinkTM Dashboard – Control which machines you track with custom ID tags, allowing filtering to ensure only tagged units are visible
To enhance your fleet’s productivity, you must update your JDLinkTM account. Update your account at or contact your nearest Brandt location. We’re here to help so you can enjoy the full benefits of JDLinkTM – the #1 machine telematics solution in the industry!

New JDLink Features

JDLink comes standard on all late model John Deere equipment - call today to see if your machine is equipped. JDLink gives you remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data.

Now you can see what equipment is earning and which machines are idling - all while keeping preventative maintenance tabs on each machine in your fleet. Learn More

Optimize utilization and increase revenue by:
  • Monitoring machine health
  • Extending life through preventative maintenance
  • Simplifying maintenance scheduling and documentation
  • Increasing uptime through alerts of potential downtime
  • Tracking rental fleet machines and their hours of use
  • Documenting machine and operator productivity
  • Recovering stolen machines through GPS tracking
 And now, it’s easier than ever to succeed with JDLinkTM
  1. Annual JDLinkTM Ultimate subscription starting at $289 (was $700) – purchase up to three years!*
  2. Annual JDLinkTM Ultimate Dual subscription starting at $749 (was $900) – purchase up to three years!*
Managing your fleet is a big job, but with JDLinkTM Ultimate, you’ll always have the critical information you need to manage your assets more effectively, getting the most out of your operation, every single day.
You can always count on Brandt to deliver the cutting-edge technologies you need to succeed because, when all is said and done, nobody works harder to keep you productive and profitable. That’s Powerful Value. Delivered.
* Three-year term available for 4G terminals only


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