Oilseed-Certified GrainBelts

One Belt Fits All.

One Belt Fits All.
The all-new Oilseed-CertifiedTM GrainBelt from Brandt Agricultural Products is the first-ever conveyor purpose-built for oilseed. Its industry-exclusive oil-resistant belt allows you to safely load all of your crops — even canola — with just one belt. And, the Oilseed-CertifiedTM GrainBelt’s self-cleaning system clears out crushed product build-up, keeping daily maintenance to a minimum. That means you can now gently convey your oilseed crops, eliminating the damage associated with conventional augers.
Two-Year Canola-Proof Warranty.
And, it’s covered by our one-year standard warranty, plus one-year extended warranty, so you can load your oilseed with confidence.

Oilseed-Certified Length Height Capacity
1547LP+ 47 ft 12' 2" - 22' 9" 9000 bu/hr
1552LP+ 52 ft 13' 5" - 24' 8" 9000 bu/hr