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ProActive™ Maintenance

Maximize your productivity and profitability with a ProActive Preventive Maintenance™ program.

A well-managed preventive maintenance(PM) program will minimize the need for costly emergency repairs, promote long component life and reduce operating costs. Brandt’s ability to efficiently schedule and carry out the appropriate tasks and inspections at the correct intervals allows us to provide unequalled value to you, our customers, in a true environment of partnership and cooperation.​

ProActive™ equipment maintenance is key to every successful operation. Doing it yourself often means downtime during your work day, or after hours. Brandt's ProActive™ Maintenance Package is your best assurance of maximum productivity and profitability.

ProActive™ Maintenance Program Advantages
  • Proactively managed and delivered equipment services and inspections.
  • Fully-trained and qualified technicians.
  • Cost effective.
  • Warranty compliance assurance.
  • Optimized equipment uptime.
  • Eliminates internal service liabilities.
  • Reduced unplanned, costly breakdowns.
  • Optimized resale value of equipment.
  • Responsible disposal of waste products.
  • Complete and accurate maintenance records.
  • Maximized employee and machine productivity.
  • Peace of mind equipment management.
  • Maintenance reports with photo documentation.
  • Maintenance follow-up with certified personnel to address service needs.

Brandt ProActive™ Maintenance Technicians are Trained and Equipped to:
  • Detect abnormalities in equipment and component condition
  • Conform to the highest safety and contamination control standards
  • Perform a multitude of tasks in a highly efficient and consistent manager using state-of-the-art, purpose-built PM assets and tooling
  • Communicate effectively and professionally

The ProActive™ Maintenance Process
  • PM Scheduling: A sophisticated system used to manage our service commitments for every machine registered in the program. Designed to project upcoming service levels, dates and meter readings up to two weeks in advance.
  • Standard Parts List: Detailed list of Genuine OEM parts and high-quality ValPar fluids are maintained for every service interval of every model.
  • PM Checklists: Checklists identifying specific, OEM-recommended tasks for every service interval of every model.
  • Machine Visits: JDLink allows us to track up-to-date meter readings, machine locations, and critical operating information on a real-time basis. The right services are performed at the right time every time.

Contact your local Brandt Sales Representative or the ProActive™ Team for more information.​​​​​
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