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P3D Advanced Training

Review of GNSS basics
  • GNSS theory
  • Coordinate systems — Projections vs. localizations
  • Localization best practices
Job setup
  • Importing data options
  • Copying projects
  • Equipment and radio configurations
Customizing displays
Advanced layout options
  • Slope staking feature lines
  • Calculating offset lines 
  • Offset points
  • Advanced surface stakeout options
 As-built options — the importance of data management
  • Layer management
  • Point codes and descriptions
    • Quick coding
  • Using breaklines and polylines for topography
  • TIN surface creation and data export options — the importance of backing up data
  • Filtering by layer
  • Area calculations
  • Volume calculations
  • Move objects
  • Custom surfaces and templates
  • TRU Topcon receiver utility
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