Ditch Witch Vacuum Excavators

Vacuum Excavators

All purpose, all day.

Designed to take care of all types of spills and unwanted fluids, Ditch Witch® vacuum excavation systems are the most productive and versatile on the market. Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, Ditch Witch vacs offer exceptional suction power and water pressure to help you tackle virtually every possible cleanup or soft excavation task.
Trailer Tank Capacity Net Power Displacement
FX20 80 gal 27 hp 543 cfm
FX25 500 gal 31 hp 543 cfm
FX65 500 - 1200 gal 74 hp
MV800 100 gal 31 hp
HX75 800 gal 74.3 hp 1315 cfm
HX30 200 - 400 gal 24.8 hp 512 cfm
HX50 200 - 400 gal 49.6 hp 1005 cfm
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