Quality, innovation, and durability is what sets Brandt Agricultural Products apart from competitors.

Our engineers are farmers too so solving problems on the farm comes naturally to us. The demands of todays farming operations are constantly evolving and we’re committed to anticipating your needs and responding proactively with fresh new ideas focused on delivering unprecedented performance and durability.

With every piece of Brandt equipment, the quality is easy to see. Superior in functionality and appearance Brandt products are not only tough and reliable, but high production standards ensure that they look as good as they perform. With smart design, clean welds, and a state-of-the-art robotic powder coat paint treatment and bake ovens to cure the paint, our products are sure to look newer longer, and stand up to years of rugged use.
Simply put, we build equipment that is tougher and more reliable than our competitors. Our innovative designs and features ensure maximum productivity and industry-leading ease of use. And we package all this in the best looking and most durable paint finishes in the business. Back that up with unwaivering product support and our total customer satisfaction guarantee and you’ve got Powerful Value. Delivered.
With more than 300 Brandt dealers worldwide there’s one near you. To find out more or to arrange a product demonstration, call Brandt TOLL FREE at 1-866-4BRANDT (1-866-427-2638).


Brandt Agricultural Products modern 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility sits on a 40 acres site, just outside of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This production facility features the latest in lean manufacturing process and is highly regarded for its quality standards, efficiency and productivity. From this location we design, manufacture and ship a broad line of agricultural equipment to destinations around the world including North America, Europe, and Australia.