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Take complete control of your fleet.

FleetWiseTM is the comprehensive machine monitoring and maintenance system that empowers you with the data you need to run a more efficient and profitable business. It gives you continuous, complete control over your whole fleet and helps enhance your competitive advantage through increased uptime and lower operating costs.

Increased uptime

  • Track machine data to identify and fix issues before equipment failure.
  • Ensure that all maintenance is scheduled and completed on time.
  • Additional repairs can be conducted while machine is in for scheduled service.
  • Direct line from certified experts to JDLinkTM -equipped machines for quick troubleshooting.
Lower Operating Costs
  • Accurately track idle time and fuel burn for each machine and manage usage.
  • Monitor engine load and fuel consumption to match the right machine to the job.
  • Make recommendations for machine servicing, based on your work schedule.
  • Access schedules for component or machine replacement, based on your goals.

Managing your fleet is a big job. With FleetWiseTM, Brandt can assist you with the expert insights and critical information you need, when you need it. Utilizing our unique FleetWiseTM  tailored reports, that deliver the equipment information that is most important to you, you can now track your machines’ health, location and utilization and get expert advice. You’ll be able to manage your assets more effectively than ever, getting the most out of your operation.

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