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The simple word to use is 'collaborative.'

Our buildings are designed to provide building users with an unmatched working environment.  Our goal is to provide the tenants or employees in your building with exceptional qualities designed into this one of a kind building.  Benefits we want to deliver include heightening employee comfort and contributing to greater employee retention.
As a one stop shop, we can also work on schedules and designs for subsequent fit up layouts of the tenant floors and retail areas.  Our in house interior design department can assure that your office is move-in ready down to the smallest details if needed.  
Brandt Developments also utilizes the latest in technology throughout all phases of project delivery. Our multi-disciplinary design team leverages technologies such as Revit, BIM, and Topcon surveying to develop a complete virtual model before construction starts.
Brandt has been involved with LEAN for over 10 years starting with the introduction of the 5S program in 2001. The main aim in introducing LEAN thinking was to foster an environment of continuous improvement through the elimination of non-value added waste, as viewed by our customers. Brandt will leverage this experience to provide Lean consulting services for our clients.​