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Our Operating Leases allow you to:

  • Return the unit at maturity, purchase it for the residual amount, or refinance it
  • Pay taxes on each payment rather than in full at signing
  • Fully expense payments, so they may not impact your balance sheet
  • Manage cash flow better with lower monthly payments
  • Avoid down payments
  • Reduce the risk of fleet obsolescence
  • Have limited maintenance obligations


Our Capital Leases allow you to:

  • Avoid down payments
  • Own the equipment at term maturity for a nominal residual value (typically $1 – $10)
  • Pay taxes on each payment rather than in full at signing
  • Put unlimited hours on your machine.


Our Loans allow you to:

  • Put unlimited hours on your machine
  • Potentially qualify for the federal government’s incentive programs
  • Own the equipment from the outset
  • Potentially qualify for provincial tax credits or sales tax exemptions

Conditional Sales Contract

Taxes are payable up front or may be deferred to your fourth monthly payment. This is the easiest type of contract to prepay or pay out prior to maturity.

Repair and Overhaul Loan

Instead of paying a one-time cost, spread the amount of significant repairs and rebuilds over a period of months. This minimizes the impact of significant repairs on your cash flow.


Aggregator Loan

Refinance existing debts into one facility to minimize payment, streamline administration, and increase working capital. This reduces monthly payment obligation, and preserves cash flow.

Revitalizer Loan

Provides access to off-balance-sheet equity in an asset by refinancing it at current market value, allowing for additional working capital for operations or funding growth.

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