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King of the Load.

The C550 55-ton hydraulic removable gooseneck construction trailer delivers more load versatility and faster turnaround times to ensure you get more out of every minute on the road or on-site. Premium QT100 steel construction and the largest deck well in the industry enable you to haul a variety of equipment with ease.


Tare21,620 lb
Payload55 tons
Dimensions (LxWxH)8’6”- 10’ x 26’10”


Auto-Ratchet Gooseneck Shim Arm
The easy-to-set ratcheting shim arm has seven settings in +/- 1.75” increments (2” with extension) to maintain optimal ground clearance.  Plus, it automatically drops into place as the trailer height is adjusted to simplify operation.
Load Securement
Numerous chain points are conveniently located where you need them most. Chain pockets, d-rings, and chain cutouts deliver quicker, easier, more convenient chain-down processes, saving you time.
Narrow, Low-Profile Gooseneck
Equipment can be loaded further forwards, pushing more weight onto a jeep or truck tractor, increasing payload and providing a greater range of room to balance the load.
Largest Deck Well In The Industry
The deck well has 26’10” of usable deck length for hauling all type of construction and forestry equipment - wheeled or tracked, enabling you to tackle a variety of jobs.
T-Style Gooseneck Support Arm
The weight of the detached neck rests on the truck or jeep frame without blocking support from the neck. And, end caps on the T-bar keeps the neck stable on uneven ground, making reconnection easier while preventing damage to the gooseneck.
14HP EFI Hydraulic Power Pack
This power pack engine option is capable of running the trailer hydraulics and is housed in the lower base of the gooseneck and exhausted out of the enclosure, keeping the engine running smoother and more efficient.
Premium QT100 Steel Construction
Used wherever possible to reduce weight and add weld strength, delivering greater payload capacity, reduced downtime, and longer trailer life.
Deepest Rear Boom Trough In The Industry
The standard eight-foot knuckle trough and rear boom trough reduces overall height when transporting excavators or similar boomed equipment, minimizing the need for over-height permits.
Multiple Rear Ride Height Adjustment
Five settings in +/- 1.5 inches for precise and optimal ground clearance that is adjustable from 5” to 8”, ideal for various road conditions like bridges, railway crossings, or crowded roads.
Optional Features
  • Auto-shim spreader and pin-on axle booster
  • Pin-on 4th axle
  • Brandt V10 slingshot booster
  • Removable 12° front flip-over loading ramps
  • Removable short deck end ramps
  • Steel swing-out outriggers
  • Removable rear fenders
  • Lift kit for third axle


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