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Brandt is committed to helping our customers succeed by delivering services that are as productive as they are professional in terms of safety, quality and timeliness. When you contract Rail Services, you receive a professional crew of certified, trained operators and an assembly of superior, well-maintained equipment on your frontline.


Motive Power - The Brandt Power Unit, the most efficient, self-powered, multi-modal railcar mover unit in the world, is able to meet on-demand switching, railcar moving or material handling needs – no work train required.

Tie Unloading and Loading - Capable of dropping off new rail ties or picking up used ties from the right of way. With the use of the highly productive
On-Track Material (OTM) - Tracker System or with the Brandt Power Unit crane on the deck, no tie distribution project is too small or too large to put safely in the hands of Brandt Rail Services. This superior material handling duo are ready to lift half a cord (25 ties) in one lift and able to distribute up to 1,400 ties per hour.
OTM Distribution and Pickup - The most productive handler on track, the OTM Tracker quickly takes care of plate distribution. Scrap pickup is extra efficient with the Tracker’s very powerful 48-inch magnet pulling plates and spikes – even if they are partially covered in ballast.
Ballast Distribution - Our experienced operators can manage your ballast distribution needs from large jobs to smaller, accurate placement of the ballast.

Bridge Project Support - Bridge construction projects will run on time and stay on budget with support from our reliable, on-time delivery of piles, bridge beams, cranes, flotation mats and other on-track materials.
Spot Undercutting (On-Track or Off-Track) - Ballast maintenance is a very important part of maintaining a reliable roadbed. Our operators can eliminate mud spots with the very efficient Brandt Rail Tool spot undercutter. Let us take care of ditching, undercutting and dumping new ballast so that you can rest assured your trains are running on a solid foundation.

Brush Cutting - Brush management is important for improving sightlines and the right of way. Our equipment handles light brush all the way up to very thick trees that need to be cut or can be mulched for better decomposition.

Snow Clearing - Avoid delays by keeping tracks clear and passable throughout the winter season.
GPS Tie Placement - Our state-of-the-art PLCs utilize satellite signals to direct the delivery of rail ties based on your tie distribution programs. This tool gets ties precisely where they need to be replaced and ensures the correct number of ties is distributed. Drop count, location and car count information can be reported back on a daily basis.

Special Services - Our team is glad to assist on your next project, from trackside ditching to the distribution of communication poles. Tie asset management, plate distribution and emergency services also available. We have experienced operators, quality equipment and the flexibility to help you get your projects done. 

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