Digital Services

Brandt Digital is a multi-disciplinary technical division that focuses on data centric approaches to all aspects of the Architectural and Building Industry. Utilizing the latest technology in 3D laser scanning, point cloud post processing techniques, UAV technology, photogrammetry, photography, cinematography, and 3D visualizations we support other Brandt companies with their specific digital needs, and also offer our services to the outside market.

Brandt Digital has provided it’s services on many internal and external projects including the Regina Waste Water Treatment Plant project as well as numerous internal projects for Brandt Developments Design Department.

Brandt Digital specializes in the full BIM process, from initial scan acquisition, to the production of full BIM compliant Revit models, Brandt Digital can help your BIM process become full circle.

Some of the specific services Brandt Digital provides are listed below:
  • 3D laser scanning
  • 3D scan data post processing
  • 3D scan data prep for use in Revit for BIM process
  • 3D scan data prep for visualization and marketing uses
  • 3D scanning for reverse engineering purposes
  • Photography and Videography services
  • Aerial photogrammetry and mapping services
  • Aerial photography and videography
  • 3D animation and motion graphics services