Powerful Value. Delivered.

Brandt is a community-oriented real estate developer with the financial resources and proven expertise to design, build, and manage efficient, environmentally considerate and technologically advanced commercial business accommodation.  By building properties that are visually appealing, prominently located and of high quality, Brandt seeks to create a positive image for its tenants and the communities in which it is located.

Brandt Developments offers a wide range of services including:
  • In House Design
  • In House Project and Construction Management
  • In House Property Management
Brandt is in a unique position to provide a turn-key solution to its clients. Because Brandt can control all aspects of the design, construction, property management and ownership, it allows us to manage the lowest lifecycle costs.

At Brandt Developments, our mission is to create high quality, energy efficient, environmentally sustainable buildings and developments while providing exceptional property management oversight and advice as determined by our customers at competitive rates, allowing our tenants to prosper by focusing on their core business. That's Powerful Value. Delivered.​