John Deere Forestry Swing Machines

Forestry Swing Machines

Toughness doesn't come with the territory. It is the Territory.

Versatility - that's what you get with John Deere Swing Machines. One machine can get a lot done. Choose your application: road building, shovel logging, processing, stroke delimbing or log loading. They're purpose-built to be the toughest carrier in the woods, and powerful for long-term productivity.
Forestry Swing Machines Rated Power Net Peak Torque Operating Weight
2154D 159 hp @ 2000 rpm 79560 lb ft 66690 lb
2454D 194 hp @ 2100 rpm 79560 lb ft 77823 lb
2954D 194 hp @ 2100 rpm 79560 lb ft 90500 lb
3754D 296 hp @ 1900 rpm 81950 lb ft 101651 lb