John Deere Crawler Loaders

Crawler Loaders

Multitasking made easier.

Multitasking made easier. Whether you're excavating, loading trucks, or backfilling, our crawler loaders provide the muscle and versatility you need to put your operation on the fast track. Unsurpassed visibility, spacious cabs, easy-to-operate controls, high-torque diesel engines, and full-featured hydrostatic drivetrains help simplify a wide variety of work.
Crawler Loaders Rated Power Bucket Capacity Operating Weight
605K 110 hp @ 2200 rpm 1.7 cu yd 26940 lb
655K 145 hp @ 1800 rpm 2.4 cu yd 40614 lb
755K 190 hp @ 1800 rpm 3.2 cu yd 45178 lb