Brandt Pipelayers


Our 170,000 lb Brandt Piplayer has multiple boom options so you always have the proper boom for the job, whatever the application.

Completing the package is our best-in-class Brandt SmartLiftTM system, which offers dynamic stability feedback, ensuring that the operator always knows the lifting ability at all boom angles over various slopes and pitches. To ensure reliable real-time feedback at all times, the Brandt system features load sensors that are hardwired to the tractor AND which can be supplemented with premium camera and radar packages.

The result is the safest, best-handling, and most stable machine on the jobsite. Because, when all is said and done, nobody works harder than Brandt to keep you productive and profitable.


Weight120221 lb
Length246 in
Cabin Height138 in
Width250 in
Ground Clearance246 in
Boom Length228 in


The John Deere 1050K's heavyweight rigid track-frame design combines wider stance and a 36-inch track shoe width for the industry's lowest ground pressures and highest stability ratings. This ensures that the Brandt pipelayer has the maximum amount of track on the ground all of the time. Plus, Deere's oval track design allows for the winches to be mounted lower than competitive models and on opposite sides from each other (not stacked), bringing down the center of gravity and making the 1050K Brandt Pipelayer the most stable sideboom on the market for a wide variety of slopes and pitches.

The Brandt SmartLiftTM Dynamic Stability Monitoring system is specifically designed for pipelaying machines. SmartLiftTM features patented industry-exclusive technologies that automatically account for the effect of side slope (roll) and front/back slope (pitch) on the carrying capacity of the tractor while moving and provides real time feedback to the operator; displaying the percentage of the max load in the current location. The system also warns the operator when there is a tipping scenario, so they can react quickly to prevent accidents.

The 1050K's dual path hydrostatic drive system allows for infinite travel speeds, no matter the engine speed; yielding can ramain fully focused on the lifting operation.

All lubrication of the counterweight is performed at ground level with a centralized grease point on the back side of the counterweight mount, making daily maintenance and service a breeze. This uniques feature reduces service-related downtime and increases machine availability. The grease location is right beside the manual counterweight lock, which provides one location for the operator to safely lock in the counterweight before greasing. Also, all tractor service points are located on the same side, making quick work of daily checks.

Lower Operating Costs
The Brandt sideboom is designed to work with John Deere's fully- proportional hydraulics and ECO Mode, providing full functionality and proportional control at engine idle. Winches can still run at full speed, even with the tractor idled down, resulting in less wear and tear on the engine and lower fuel consumption.

A single pin and hook system makes counterweight installation and removal quick and easy, so you can transport and set up quickly and efficiently and minimize downtime.

The Brandt sideboom also delivers increased cable life due to the very low angle of reeving with our low-mount boom-side winch.


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