Technical Specifications
8,500 BU/HR
120 Horsepower

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Requiring less horsepower and with fewer moving parts, the Brandt 1300HP GrainVac can reach a capacity of 8,500 bushels per hour to gently move product in any application. Designed with innovative technologies like the Cone Separator system and MaxFlo nozzle, this GrainVac delivers maximum performance that you can depend on.


Capacity8000 - 8500 bu/hr
Auger Diameter13 in
Transport Height103 in


Cone Separator & Air Equalizer Elbow
  • Brandt's innovative Cone Separator doesn't require any moving parts in order to separate grain from the air-stream and direct it away from the fan inlet, while still allowing unrestricted airflow. The Air Equalizer Elbow balances the flow of air over the Cone Separator and into the fan, allowing for maximum efficiency and capacity.
Sync Drive
  • The exclusive Sync-Drive eliminates slippage on the fan belt and maintains maximum capacity in all conditions, creating the perfect combination of performance, reliability and quality. The results are less damaged product, lower maintenance costs, and an extended life, saving you time and money.
Air Throttle
  • Brandt's proven Air Throttle eliminates power surges reducing stress on your tractor engine, and is easily accessible to fine tune operation in special applications. This means less horsepower is demanded from Brandt GrainVacs while still maintaining large capacities. 
Fully Adjustable Bin Snake
  • The 1300HP optional Bin Snake supports the GrainVac hose, keeping it straight and reducing airflow restriction. This maximizes capacity and allows for easier hose positioning. 
Synchronized Auto-Fold Auger and Stabilization
  • The 1300HP GrainVac is equipped with a synchronized hydraulic system to make set up and take down easy. With one lever, you can assemble the auger and lower the stabilizer foot in unison. The three piece folding auger makes it possible to move just the upper section in order to clear the stacks on a semi, without disassembling the whole auger.
MaxFlo Nozzle
  • The patented 8" MaxFlo Nozzle has lightweight aluminum construction and easily adjusts to match the required hose length, automatically balancing the intake of air and grain for maximum capacity without any guess work.
Hose Tree
  • Easily store your hoses directly on your GrainVac. The Hose Tree provides a compact storage compartment to easily add or remove hoses for any application. 
Soybean Kit
  • For optimum use with Soybeans, consider the new Soybean Kit option for the 1300HP (that can also be used with the 7500HP models). The kit is installed right in the vac body in place of the Cone separator, which reduces fan ingestion from bean dust.  
Available Attachments 
  • Bin Snake
  • Dust Hose Kit
  • Lighting Kit
  • Floor Sweep

Standard Hose Package (8" diameter)
  • 3 1/2' Stainless Steel Flex Hose (1)
  • 7' Stainless Steel Flex Hose (2)
  • 7' Rigid Aluminum Hose (1)
  • 7' Rigid-Flex Hose (1)
  • 7' Corrugated Rubber Hose (1)
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