We came, we saw, we conquered!

We came, we saw, we conquered!

March 18, 2020

Conexpo 2020 may be over, but here at Brandt, the real work is just getting started. We experienced all-time record traffic at our display this year as we unveiled our largest-ever assortment of all-new Hard To The Core products. The response from attendees was overwhelming and, after five intense, non-stop days and a few pairs of worn-out shoes (seriously), we’ve got a LOT of equipment to build and ship!

Crowd favorites included:

1.    Heavy Haul Trailer – our all-new H650 10-Axle Heavy Haul Trailer was a big hit, with many comments on our superb build quality and clean design. Attendees especially loved the user-friendly booster connections, built-in ramp lift ports and our impressive 7ft of 5th-wheel slide.

2.    Variable Pin Grabber Coupler – this is an all-new design for Brandt and the industry gave it a big ‘YES’ at Conexpo. It employs three separate locking mechanisms for safety (totally ISO 13031, EN 474, and AS 4772-compliant) and is compatible with more attachments than any coupler we’ve ever built.

3.    Snowplow/Wheel Loader – there IS a better way to move snow! Our mastless snow wing and plow combo for wheel loaders drew a LOT of attention at last week’s show. It combines the maneuverability of a wheel loader with Brandt’s famous conical blade design for optimum snow-casting; the perfect urban snow-clearing solution.

4.    Excavator Guarding – we spent a LOT of time working with operators when we designed these! Our FOPS, walks, stump pan and hand rails are the toughest in the industry and they deliver best-in-class visibility while still managing to look great. A lot of people had a hard time believing they weren’t OEM!

5.    Sideboom – there was always a crowd around this beauty! Our new mid-sized BPL100L delivers 100,000lbs of maximum lift capacity – the perfect size for mid-diameter pipe. To support our full-sized BPL170K and BPL 220K machines on large-diameter jobs, it can be configured for end prep, pipe joint welding, or for sand-blasting and coating activities.

Thanks to everyone who made Brandt a part of their Conexpo 2020 experience! We had a fantastic time getting to know you and we’re looking forward to following up with you now that the displays are taken down and we can get back to the phones!

You can find more information on any of these products right here on OR you can call your nearest Brandt dealer for more information on how Hard To The Core products from Brandt can help you to be more productive and profitable, every single day.

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