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The BPL100L is built from the ground up to deliver productivity without compromise. With 100,000 lbs of maximum lift capacity at four feet, you can effortless install mid-level pipe. For large-diameter projects, this versatile unit can be configured for end prep, pipe joint welding, or for sand-blasting and coating activities to support your larger machines. Whatever the job is, the seamlessly integrated controls and clear view of the load-hook allow you to get the job done quickly and always be ready for more. And, the symmetrical winch design optimizes operator visibility to the right-of-way while delivering a lower center of gravity for enhanced stability.

Completing the package is our best-in-class Brandt SmartLift™ system which offers dynamic stability feedback to ensure that the operator can constantly monitor lift capacity, slope, and pitch. In addition, load sensors are hardwired to the tractor for reliable feedback, and can be upgraded to premium camera and radar packages if desired.


Weight74000 lb
Length227 in
Cabin Height132 in
Boom Length336 in


  • Winch placement optimizes operator sightlines for easier positioning and ensures better tracking to reduce cable wear.
  • Symmetrical winch-mount locations deliver equal weight distribution and a lower center of gravity for increased stability and easier positioning for specialized pipe-specific attachments.
  • Centralized grease point makes daily maintenance safe and easy while reducing service-related downtime.
  • Boom length options of 20’, 24’, and 28’ available.
  • Hook speed of up to 80 ft/min.
  • SmartLift™ Dynamic Stability Monitoring System delivers a continuous stream of real-time terrain and machine data, allowing the operator to monitor lift capacity in all conditions.
  • Camera and radar packages are available with up to four cameras and three radar units to keep the operator aware of their surroundings.
  • SmartLift™ automated warning system gives visible and audible machine tipping warnings, adjustable anti-two-block warnings, and low-rope warnings.
Operational Efficiency
  • Dual-path hydrostatic drive system delivers more drive-speed options.
  • ECO mode automatically adjusts engine power settings, based on load, optimizing fuel economy.
  • Up to 10,282in2 total ground contact, based on your track shoe configuration, minimizes the right-of-way impact, reducing soil contamination and the time required to smooth over ruts.
  • Simple hook-block storage system and luff block storage system facilitates quick set-up and tear-down to maximize uptime.
  • Flexible design allows the BPL100L to be configured for specialized roles as a support tractor for larger machines.
  • End-prep configuration adds additional decking to carry air compressors and generators to quickly bevel pipe ends for welding.
  • Weld-shack configuration employs a shack attached to the load hook to create a controlled environment and guarantee successful welds.


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