16" SD

Brandt Digging Buckets are built for heavy digging conditions where maximum bucket breakout forces are required.


16" SD
Weight162 lb
Length28.625 in
Width16.625 in
Height25 in
Capacity0.08 cu yd


  • Designed with a large bucket opening while maintaining optimal tip radius. Optimal tip radius provides for superior bucket curling forces and stick power transfer to the bucket cutting edge.
  • A full length tapered one piece side bar allows for a stronger bucket and helps reduce bucket wear. This design provides support from the base edge all the way to the top of the bucket for increased strength.
  • Tapered side plates decrease bucket drag and reduce bucket wear by minimizing material contact with the sides of the bucket.
  • Side plates are drilled to accept bolt on side cutters.
  • Cheek plates come standard and are made of high strength, abrasive resistant material to extend the life of the bucket.
  • Designed with a compound curved shell allows for the best clearance at the heel of the bucket which reduces wear. This also provides exceptional loading and unloading characteristics.
  • Full length lateral wear bars are designed with high strength, abrasive resistant material and are spaced tighter at the heel of the bucket. This arrangement provides for superior wear reduction and increases the life of the bucket.
  • Digging buckets include an engineered and load rated bucket lift eye.
  • Inside corner gussets add reinforcement and increase bucket strength.
  • Machined front and rear lug boss surfaces along with a machined wedge surface ensure perfect alignment with the mating quick coupler. The lugging is orientated so that superior engagement to the quick coupler is achieved at maximum bucket digging force.
  • Base edge is designed with high strength, abrasive resistant material.
  • Available in a full range of sizes and GET configurations


  • High strength, abrasive resistant side bars and horizontal wear bars
  • Drilled to accept side cutters
  • Reinforced upper corners
  • High strength, abrasive resistant base edge
  • Machined coupler lugging
  • Engineered bucket lift eye


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