Kyle Swisko, Farmer

Neepawa, MB, Canada


​"I work with Brandt because of the quality and standing behind their products. Brandt really puts the time and research behind the technology, and takes into consideration safety and simplicity - it's the little things that make the difference.

We're running semis back and forth ehre, and with the design of the swing away auger, we don't have to move the truck, we can just swing it around to the next hopper. Other competitors have that but you still have to climb into the truck and things go wrong. The Brandt Swing Away Auger always works, and it moves grain quick.

I have a GrainVac with 130 hours on it. We chose it because the design makes it easier to use with putting the hoses up. Brandt's design puts the hose away just like a vacuum. I can cilmb into the bin and it's more enjoyable."

Division: Agricultural Products