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Cameco Corporation

Devon Loehr, Cameco Corporation, Technical Services

Cigar Lake Project, Saskatchewan, Canada

Customer Focus
​The team at Brandt offered us the complete package - from the initial design and development to the final on-site commission. Brandt made it easy, providing us with excellent project management and efficient communication throughout the project. We are thoroughly satisfied with the finished product that increased our productivity.
Working with Brandt was excellent. They were able to develop an effective solution that fit our application. Working together, Brandt included us in the design process, providing innovative plans and designs for the equipment. When significant engineering decisions needed to be made, Brandt offered us multiple design options and provided us with their recommendations that best fit our application. This immensely helped us as Brandt was able to provide effective and efficient communication throughout the entirety of the project. Brandt definitely exceeded our expectations.

Division: Engineered Products