Lead the field with the new XT GrainCarts

Lead the field with the new XT GrainCarts

July 30, 2020

Brandt Agricultural Products is helping farmers lead the field with the launch of their all-new XT-Series GrainCarts. The new GrainCart design puts farmers first with unique features that eliminate the delays commonly encountered when loading and unloading their grain. “XT GrainCarts are a game-changer,” says Brandt Industries Vice President, Sales — Dealer Channel, Sheldon Gerspacher. “We’ve rethought and redesigned the basics to create an all-around better GrainCart.”

Most notably, these GrainCarts feature the best forward auger reach, side auger reach, and discharge spout clearance on the market today. This simple-yet-effective innovation maximizes forward visibility from the tractor cab to the discharge spout, maximizing operator comfort and reducing fatigue. And, their superior side reach and clearance makes them easy to position, saving valuable time with each load.

XT GrainCarts also utilize a specially engineered tank to save farmers time when switching between crops. The sloped tank interior is shaped for optimal grain flow, eliminating the obstructions common on competitors’ carts to ensure a thorough cleanout, every time. Additionally, their ground-level access door makes it easy and safe for operators to enter the tank for maintenance rather than climbing the ladder. Together, these features minimize downtime and help farmers make the most of the short harvest season.

Since uptime is critical during the harvest, XT GrainCarts have been designed to minimize the risk of damage during operation. The low-profile tank and tarp design shortens their overall height, reducing the risk of interfering with the combine auger’s spout while loading on the go. And, the additional clearance between the cart and the combine auger makes them safer to use on uneven terrain.

“Every bit of productivity counts, and that’s exactly what these GrainCarts deliver,” concludes Gerspacher.

XT GrainCarts are now available from all dealers carrying Brandt Agricultural Products. Visit your local dealer and book a demo today.