Call Your Shot $48,000 Winner - Brandt Intermission Promotion

Regina’s Marcus Crocker Calls His Shot, wins $48,000 Pot in Brandt Intermission Promotion

February 22, 2022

During the Regina Pats Family Day match up with the Swift Current Broncos, a packed Brandt Centre was treated to a one-in-a-million shot from Regina’s Marcus Crocker during the second intermission.

Brandt’s Call Your Shot Win the Pot promotion has seen 24 contestants call their shot since the start of the season with the pot growing by $1,000 after each game if no one scores. The promotion gives one contestant three chances to make the perfect shot through a puck-sized slot in a board covering the net. The shooter can choose to try their luck from the red line to win the pot or move to the closest blue line for a quarter of the pot – or take an even more challenging shot by moving to the far blue line to win double the pot.

On Monday afternoon the pot sat at $24,000. That’s when Marcus Crocker, who coaches his daughter’s U13 AA Regina Rebels team and his son’s U9 B Lions team, called his shot from the far blue line and made it, winning an incredible $48,000 from the Brandt Group of Companies. Marcus has been a season ticket holder since 2017-18. Here is a clip of him sinking the shot from Tuesday afternoon: Pats Fan Calls His Shot.

“It was a pretty awesome feeling making that shot with all the fans in the stands today,” said Marcus following his successful shot. “I'm looking forward to taking a nice family vacation with a portion of the winnings. Thank you to Brandt and the Pats for giving me the opportunity.”

“Exciting promotions like this bring energy to the Brandt Centre and give Pats fans a chance to win big,” says Brandt’s Vice President of Marketing, Matt Semple. “On behalf of the Brandt team, congratulations to Marcus for going for it and taking home double the pot.”

“A few contestants have come very close to making their shot this season and the intermission promotion has become a fan favourite,” says Pats COO, Trevor Buhnai. “It was incredible to see Marcus make such an impressive shot and take home $48,000—it left the Brandt Centre buzzing.”

Brandt’s Call Your Shot Win the Pot will continue for the remaining games this season, the pot will restart at $1,000 at Wednesday’s game where Marcus will return to celebrate his win with a special presentation.