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Brandt to Expand Material Handling Division Across Canada

Brandt to Expand Material Handling Division Across Canada

April 2, 2024

Regina, Saskatchewan – The Brandt Group of Companies has announced a major expansion to its material handling equipment dealer network in a move that is expected to generate $500 million in new revenue and up to 300 new jobs over the next three years.

The company’s acquisition of Cervus Equipment in 2021 included material handling operations from Alberta through Manitoba. Today, Brandt is excited to announce its intentions to deepen and expand its commitment to the material handling industry in Canada. The company will expand its material handling business nationwide, creating a new and separate division that will deliver tailored solutions and aftersales support to customers from coast to coast.

“We believe that the material handling sector is primed for growth and in need of a nationwide alternative to the existing patchwork of small dealer groups,” said Shaun Semple, CEO of Brandt. “That is why we’re using the lessons we have learned from growing the agriculture, construction & forestry, and transportation pillars of our business to create a fourth pillar to serve the material handling industry.”

Canada depends on its material handling operations across the country—from ports and transportation hubs to warehouses and distribution centres. Lift trucks and other material handling equipment and related infrastructure are essential to support the flow of goods to Canadians and support the country’s ongoing national growth every single day.

Brandt recognizes that an opportunity exists to provide top-tier tailored solutions and to build deeper, stronger relationships with companies that operate lift trucks across the country. Brandt is uniquely suited to leverage their customer-focused brand promise to ensure customers have access to the equipment, specialists, parts, and service required to run thriving businesses.

As part of this expansion, Brandt plans to grow its network of material handling focused stores into new territories focused on delivering premium forklift brands backed by a dedicated rental fleet, industry-leading parts network and dedicated service network focused on repair work and preventative maintenance.

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