With the GrainVac 5200EX, turn one of farming's toughest jobs into a quick and easy task. The GrainVac 5200EX has extended reach and high capacity for emptying out fill bins and in clean-up roles.

Brandt's GrainVac technology provides high capacity & high efficiency with lower horsepower requirements. A low-cost, easy to maintain solution for cleaning out the bin.

The GrainVac 5200EX is capable of moving up to 5,000 bushels per hour in wheat or up to 5,800 bushels per hour in canola with a straight hose. The GrainVac has a low 70 horsepower requirement, which allows operators to use smaller tractors - cutting fuel costs, and lowering the cost of grain handling.


Capacity 4500 - 5500 bu/hr
Auger Diameter 10 in
Width 102 in
Transport Height 85.5 in



Low Profile Design

  • A low profile design allows you to see the truck box from inside the grain bin. This eliminates getting in and out of the bin to monitor load level. Also, the efficient design of the Hose Tree allows quick, easy access to hoses at the bin site. The quick clamps provide fast, convenient hose storage.

Low Horsepower Requirement

  • Provides maximum capacity with only 70 HP to cut fuel costs and lower the cost of grain handling. Brandt’s unique Air Throttle eliminates power surges which can occur when the GrainVac is moving air only. This reduces drive-line strain and fuel costs during clean up, or while moving the hose.

Easy to use and Maintain

  • Hydraulic folding unload auger is effortlessly operated from the tractor cab, and can be folded or unfolded while in position at the bin. A new “grease bank” allows servicing of all bottom bearings from one easy access side mounted point. An electronic tachometer/hour meter ensures optimum PTO speed, and regular maintenance intervals while a standard gas shock assist provides easy access to the GrainVac body.

Fully Adjustable Bin Snake

  • maintain the straightest possible airflow by raising or lowering hoses to retain the maximum grain capacity over long distances. The gear jack supported bin snake significantly reduces weight and increases maneuverability of the steel hose while cleaning up inside the bin resulting in reduced operator fatigue.

Air Diffuser

  • The air diffuser allows air to efficiently pass through while preventing grain from escaping through the exhaust. The Air Diffuser is easily accessible to inspect and clean and it is not affected by snow or ice.

Drive Line

  • A 1 to 1:5 ratio gearbox allows the use of larger drive sprockets, which increase the life of the drive chain. An easily accessible shear pin saves the gearbox from excessive stress.

Belt Drive System

  • The belt drive system is a 4-groove, high torque belt. A Lightweight, hinged fiberglass fan shield provides easy access.

Full Flow Steel Exhaust

  • The full flow 8 inch steel exhaust improves airstream efficiency. It is able to rotate 360 degrees to direct debris away from the operator and hinges downward for transport.

Clean Up Shovel

  • Efficiently cleans grain out of the bin without creating unwanted dust or safety concerns associated with bin sweeps. It is easy to maneuver while keeping the shovel in the grain.

GrainVac Pile Driver

  • Make clean-up quick with the Brandt GrainVac Pile Driver - the fast, easy way to move a pile of grain. The Pile Driver works like a bin sweep to pull grain steadily up to the MaxFlo nozzle. By using a hydraulically driven “sweep flight” to bring the pile to the Grain vac, two hydraulic cylinders can adjust the height and the angle of the Pile Driver to adapt to the contour of the ground, as well as the condition of the pile.

Available Attachments

  • Bin Snake- This feature takes the back work out of cleaning right to the bottom of bins or piles. It easily adjusts to fit into most bin doors.
  • Bolt-on Chrome End Flights- 18” pieces of Chromed flight which fit over the regular flight ends to extend life of the GrainVac in heavily worn areas.
  • Exhaust Dust Hose Kit- 25’ of 8” diameter Hose with a solid end tube and storage bracket.
  • 45 Degree Suction Elbow
  • 90 Degree Suction Elbow
  • Lower Auger Tube Extension- for use when the long discharge tube is not required.
  • Installs without removing the center and upper discharge.
  • Sunflower Kit
  • Pile Driver
  • Additional Hose:
    • 7”x 3.5’ Stainless Steel Flex Hose
    • 7” x 7’ Stainless Steel Flex Hose
    • 7” x 7’ Aluminum Rigid Tube
    • 7” x 7’ Durathane Corrugated Rubber Hose




  • Brandt GrainVac

    Brandt GrainVac

More Photos
  • Pile Driver

    Pile Driver

  • Drive Line

    Drive Line

  • Air Diffuser

    Air Diffuser

  • Full Flow Steel Exhaust

    Full Flow Steel Exhaust

  • CleanUp Shovel

    CleanUp Shovel

  • Belt Drive

    Belt Drive

  • Hose Tree

    Hose Tree

  • Grease Bank

    Grease Bank

  • Multi Level Bin Snake

    Multi Level Bin Snake

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