Topcon OEM Components

OEM Components

Topcon has superior embeddable technology solutions for a wide range of applications.
GNSS Antennas Description
CR-G5 Full-wave choke ring geodetic antenna
G5-A1 Budget-friendly, full-wave antenna
MG-A8 Multi-purpose GNSS antenna
PG-F1 High Precision compact full wave GNSS antenna
PG-S1 GNSS geodetic antenna
PL-S1 GNSS fence antenna
PN-A5 High-end geodetic antenna
GNSS Receivers for OEMS Description
MR-1 Rugged GNSS platform
MR-2 Futureproof  modular GNSS receiver
SGR-1 GNSS all-in-one receiver
GNSS Components Description
B110 Versatile positioning engine
B111 Compact GNSS dual frequency receiver board
B125 Ultra-compact receiver board with future-proof GNSS tracking
B210 Compact receiver board with high-accuracy VHD heading engine
OEM-1 Scalable GNSS receiver
Euro 112 PII Fully featured GNSS engine
GRS-1 Mobile OEM
RE-S1 Radio Extension system