Boomerang Tube, LLC

Gregg Eisenberg, Boomerang Tube, LLC, President, CEO

Liberty, Texas, USA

​Our experience working with Brandt has been wonderful. The equipment was delivered on time and on budget and when we needed help on scheduling the project, Brandt always worked with us and managed to accommodate our needs. We have purchased handling equipment and testing equipment from Brandt. Our COO, Sudhakar Kanthamneni, specified the Brandt equipment based on his past experience. His faith in Brandt and the equipment was certainly justified. In fact, the equipment worked so well that we had an additional need come up and we chose Brandt again over some competitors. We are very pleased. What we liked most about working with Brandt was the productivity of the equipment relative to the cost. Our operation has benefited from the productivity Brandt equipment provides as well as the reliability. We would recommend Brandt over and over again. The equipment performs as advertised and we think the equipment delivers some of the best productivity you can get available in the marketplace. Brandt is a pleasure to work with.

Division: Engineered Products