Prairie North

Brad Mertz, Prairie North, Project Manager

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

​"We put grade control equipment on our dozers and graders to help us achieve final trimming at different elevations to the engineer's design, which has been uploaded. Using Topcon prevents us from double handling material and wasting time. We used to rely on survey stakes and as soon as we started working in the area, we couldn't count on seeing the stakes. It meant a lot of extra survey time, and non-productive material moving. With Topcon, we can keep our surveyors working on other things in advance of the grade control equipment. We used to see 6 or 8 surveyors on the job, and now we're down to 2. We have to be competitive. Machine control helps keep us competitive, lets us handle material in less time, without moving it back and forth. It shows when the project is completed and it's accepted by the engineers the first time."​

Division: Tractor