Features & Specs
Final Tier 4 engine
Heavy-duty axles
Standard five-speed transmission
Advanced onboard diagnostics

Crush it.

With larger material-handling buckets and beefed-up performance specs, our new 844K-III Loaders deliver serious productivity. And they're built rock solid to take on the toughest aggregate and material-moving applications. Armed with insights from our Customer Advocate Group, we designed these productive machines to be even more rugged and reliable. We equipped them with improved hydraulic plumbing and larger articulation-joint and linkage pins. And advanced onboard diagnostics with push-button customization of machine operation and response. All to help you increase productivity and uptime, while lowering daily operating costs.


Rated Power380 hp @ 1600 rpm
Break Out Force47302 - 55750 lbs
Operating Weight80052 lbs


Key Features

  • Final Tier 4 engine
  • Heavy-duty axles
  • Standard five-speed transmission
  • Advanced onboard diagnostics


  • Increased hydraulic forces, engine power, and torque make quicker work of tough aggregate piles.
  • Hydraulic plumbing has been improved and articulation-joint and linkage pins enlarged to help boost productivity. 
  • Bulkhead fittings eliminate long hoses, simplifying replacement and component exchange.
  • Hydraulic tank is positioned behind the cab for easy access, and hoses have been routed away from other vital operating components, for longer wear life.


  • John Deere Wheel LoaderOur FT4/Stage IV diesels meet emission regulations without sacrificing power or torque.
  • This technology is simple, fluid efficient, fully integrated, and fully supported. It employs field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), easy- to maintain high-uptime exhaust filters, and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).


  • Bigger material-handling buckets reduce fill time in processed aggregates, better retain loads, and ultimately conserve fuel.
  • Low center of gravity and optimized fore-and-aft balance deliver solid stability and full-turn tipping-load capacities.
  • Transmission shift logic and programmable clutch cutoff have been improved, for increased productivity in a variety of conditions.
  • Fuel-efficient John Deere PowerTech™ engines provide generous displacement, power, and lugging ability.


  • Quad-Cool design places coolers in a unique boxed configuration that's isolated from engine heat, for increased efficiency and durability.
  • Standard hydraulic reversing fan automatically reverses at predetermined intervals, or can be programmed through the monitor to eject debris from the cooler cores.
  • Color-coded fluid-sample and diagnostic test ports help speed preventative maintenance and troubleshooting. 


  • Slip-resistant steps, platforms, and handrails provide uninterrupted three-point access.
  • New slip-resistant plates at the rear of the machine enable more sure-footed grip.
  • Want to increase traction, flotation, and stability? Spec the low-profile tire option.
  • With larger material-handling buckets, the aggregate handling option can load out 24 to 26 short tons of non-heaping, lower-density processed matter in just two passes. With heavier materials, achieving 12 to 13 tons is not a problem.


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